Wood County Stories

Bassmaster Elite Comes to Wood County Once Again

By Brynna Williamson

2021 saw many things in Wood County. Snowmageddon. A COVID resurgence. Heavy rain.

But with the bitter comes the sweet.

Mineola’s Nature Preserve: Relax, Rejuvenate, Retire

By Brynna Williamson

In any generic small town, one would expect to see a church, a gas station, and maybe a locally owned business. A city park, if they’re lucky. A playground, if they’re very lucky.

Patriot Sporting Challenge: Honoring a Legacy

By Brynna Williamson

Garry Schnabel is passionate about what he does. And what he does, people are passionate about.

Schnabel, a Vietnam War Veteran, moved to Wood County in 2016.

Nice Guys Finish First: Bobby Irwin, East Texas’ Rising Star

By Brynna Williamson

15,000 people scream and chant his name as a young figure saunters up on stage in a ball cap and jeans. He doesn’t make eye contact with the crowd, but unconcernedly going about his business, plugs in his electric guitar and strums a few practice chords. Finally, the figure turns to the mic and lifts his eyes to the crowd with a cockeyed grin.

Marking History in Wood County

By Brynna Williamson

We’ve all seen them: The small, unassuming signs lining the edge of highways, city streets, and even some country roads. “Historical marker this way.” “Historical marker ahead.” “Historical marker: This building was the site of… (insert any one of hundreds of famous Texas events).”