It’s Logan’s Place–And It’s Yours, Too

Subtle chatter fills the mint-green room. Fairy lights twinkle on the white wood veranda outside, while the clink of forks and knives on quickly emptying plates fill the air with background noise. You turn to the person in front of you—a smiling, pleasant hostess (“Haven’t I seen her around town before? Yes, she’s definitely from Mineola”), and she shows you to a brand-new table. You settle in for an evening of enjoyment, coziness, and well-reviewed food.

The restaurant known as Logan’s Place exploded in popularity almost from the very moment it opened. Originally located in downtown Mineola next to the Beckham Hotel & Ballroom, Logan Belcher opened Logan’s Place back in 2019. However, his restaurant outgrew its space within just a few years of opening. When delighted customers started growing its already huge popularity by stunning word-of-mouth reviews, Logan’s Place suddenly “always had a waitlist” whether it was for lunch, dinner, or an afternoon snack.

It was in early 2023, however, that a challenge struck the local hotspot: They had to find a new space or close down.

In January, the restaurant posted the bittersweet news on their Facebook account, which has more than 6,000 followers: 

“To Our Valued Guests and Beloved Friends:

It brings us great sadness to announce the closing of Logan’s Place on Saturday, February 18th 2023. We want to give a big thanks to all of our wonderful guests and employees.

Over the last few years when the journey first began, the pandemic shortly followed, but with the love and support over good food and dedicated employees, our kitchen was able to remain open. We have had the privilege of serving thousands of guests from many areas, and what started as a dream soon became a reality. Logan’s Place didn’t just provide food but was also a place to say hello to your favorite server, celebrate a birthday or job promotion, catch up with an old friend, and nurture our need to gather.

Through many trials and tribulations, our walls bustled with love and laughter, and words cannot express how grateful we are for that. We could not have done it without all of you and the hard work of our amazing crew. We thought our time serving this wonderful community would go on forever, but unfortunately, our journey will be cut short. There’s no place like Logan’s Place. So come get your favorite dish and say goodbye before the doors close. We will miss you all so much and look forward to seeing you again in the future with bigger and better things to come. Once again, I cannot thank you all enough.


Logan Belcher”

The post was accompanied by more than 150 comments and almost as many shares.

However, good news soon followed the bad, as Logan and his crew began to see another way out other than closing.

“What’s next? That’s the question we have had quite a bit since our post about February 18th being our last day. We now have an answer, and we are not leaving Mineola! We will be back bigger and better! Thank you all for the supportive comments, private messages, and phone calls. Stay tuned for our exciting updates! Follow our page and PLEASE SHARE!” said another Facebook post from the restaurant just 25 days later.

Logan’s Place had begun the search for a new place. However, they could never have dreamed that their new space would end up being so perfect for the needs of the restaurant. The new building, an old bank building on Highway 80 in Mineola that has had a series of businesses in it the past few years, is even bigger and more suited to the restaurant’s plans than the last location was.

According to Vanessa Spurgeon, the social media manager and front house manager for the restaurant, Logan and a few of his cooks did some of the renovations for the restaurant by hand. It took the workers “about five months” to make the space into the one Logan desired, but after months of hard work it was finally complete. 

“It looks really nice. I’m happy for them, and I’m happy for Mineola,” says Logan’s customer Lou Ann Hogue, a native Mineolean and local business owner. 

The restaurant, which is perfect for family reunions, a first date, or anything in between, has been renovated to include a “mixture of Victorian and modern” themes. At Logan’s Place, old pictures and electric-lit letters are displayed alongside sleek furniture and beautiful greenery focused decor. 

Today, Logan’s Place is a bubbling hub of local activity. From the most-recognized patrons to the newcomers, Mineoleans, as well as many from the Wood County area, are packing in to taste the good food and good atmosphere that Logan’s Place represents.

“[People] usually like the atmosphere. It has a very homey feel in my opinion, because Logan does what people ask. He’s not kind of set in his ways—he just accommodates to anything,” said Spurgeon.

She’s not joking. Even a cursory examination of Logan’s Place’s Google reviews, such as the following, will set your mind on visiting this fantastic, “homey” restaurant. 

“Best burgers I ever tried, bruschetta with feta cheese. Potato kegs are the best appetizer. My youngest requested Logan’s place only. Very nice job.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant as an undiscovered treasure, where you’ll find exceptional cuisine and impeccable service.”

“Logan’s Place in the new location is fantastic! I’m looking forward to many fantastic meals in our new old favorite place in town!”

“Logan’s has some the best burgers and sandwiches I’ve ever tasted! They have a great selection of craft beer and drinks available, and the staff is always very friendly!”

Even the menu has been adapted to fit the community at this hometown restaurant, which is run mostly by Mineola or Wood County staff. When Logan began receiving many requests from multiple individuals for popular off-menu items such as horseradish sauce, the restaurant put the items on the official Logan’s Place menu.

“For the most part, [menu prices are] the same. We added a few things as well,” said Spurgeon. “My favorite thing that we added was a baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon. So good.”

Today, visitors to Logan’s Place will experience a place where there’s a small-town price tag but a big-city feel. While it’s not yet on a regular schedule, occasional live music adds to the sweet ambiance of the restaurant. Sometimes, if you catch Logan’s Place on the right night, the live music has even prompted dancing.

The community agrees: At Logan’s Place, the atmosphere is perfect, the drinks are great, and the food is delicious. The prices aren’t bad, and the people are friendly. Really, Logan’s Place is a place almost designed by the Mineola community itself. And the community has shown Logan how grateful they are by their consistent presence and support.

“Thank you for all the support. It has been unbelievable the amount of texts, phone calls, emails, and messages on social media we have received wishing us luck. I’m thankful for my team, our new location, and our guests. We are dedicated to only getting better. We hope to see you soon and want to thank you all again,” Logan writes.

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