True Victorian Luxury: Oaklea Mansion

Oaklea Mansion.

You step inside the old-fashioned, whitewashed gates, and it takes your breath away. For that matter, you could even drive by the Wood County, Texas property, and it would take your breath away.

The Victorian-era, virtually untouched-looking, two-story, plantation-style home with white pillars is simply stunning.

Oaklea Mansion, based in Winnsboro, Texas is something special. Having first been a home for Marcus Dewitt Carlock, a State Executive Committeeman and lawyer in the late 1800s, the building eventually morphed into a bed and breakfast in the mid-1990s. The gorgeous home was built in 1903, and it features architecture that the website describes as a mix of “neo-classical” and “late-Victorian.”

Today, the property is a Texas Historical Landmark, as well as being on the list of the National Register of Historical Places.

Oaklea Mansion owner Cassie Buck has taken all of the mansion’s splendor and made it available to the public. The mansion is available for weddings and other events, as well as primarily being a functioning B&B.

“I believe that things should not just be handed to you but are earned through the work you put in them,” Buck was quoted as saying in a 2022 issue of ISSUU magazine. The hard work that Buck put into this exceptional Wood County bed and breakfast shows: some of the most common words on its Google reviews are “comfortable,” “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” and “absolutely loved.”

Kenna Hamilton, one of the Google reviewers for the venue said, “I (don’t) know where to start. Planning for our wedding event and room reservations were easy and no stress. We reserved the whole house. Cassie is leading the way with Oaklea Mansion in Winnsboro! And I can’t say enough about Sandy. She is so kind, caring, and willing to help.”

Telling, don’t you think? This review is one of many like it.

Each room at Oaklea Mansion features antique bedroom sets. The furniture in these rooms ranges from such pieces as clawfoot bathtubs (complete with handmade soaps), antique brass four-poster beds, Eastlake settees, chandeliers, or antique Victorian furniture. One room even has a stained-glass window!

Oaklea Mansion also prides itself on its “scrumptious” breakfasts. On its Facebook page, the gorgeous venue mentions mouthwatering goodies like “fluffy pancakes drizzled with local honey, savory casseroles bursting with farm-fresh veggies, and warm, homemade banana bread that melts in your mouth.”

“Imagine waking up in your Oaklea Mansion suite to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And then, a gentle knock… breakfast has arrived, and it’s fit for royalty!  A silver tray adorned with freshly picked flowers awaits you,” the Wood County venue posted on its Facebook page.

The mansion also sources foods from local farmers and businesses; the website for Oaklea Mansion says that its breakfasts are unique because they “support our local farmers market.”

As you should hopefully be able to tell by now, Oaklea Mansion isn’t just any ol’ B&B. While many vintage venues do not have the infrastructure to sustain such amenities as air conditioning, reliable electricity, etc., these modern conveniences are something that Oaklea Mansion provides to its patrons. They do have air conditioning, as well as free WiFi, free parking, and more. They even have flatscreen TVs.

So yeah… this historic Wood County property literally has a jacuzzi, a koi pond, a second-floor balcony, landscaping, antique furniture, and stunning breakfast options. All for a comparable price to an everyday hotel. If I were you, I’d give it a try.

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