Wood County Receives Distinguished Service Award From Texas Historical Commission

As of June 11, Wood County has received a huge honor from the State of Texas: The “Distinguished Service Award.”

The Texas Historical Commission (THC), which is well known for putting up the classy black-and-silver historical markers found across Texas—among other notable activities—has recognized the Wood County Historical Commission (WCHC) for its “exemplary initiation and execution of comprehensive programs that preserve Texas’ diverse historic and cultural resources.”

In other words, the WCHC has performed very well.

Wood County’s Historical Commission, which was formed in 1963, certainly works at keeping our local history alive for all to enjoy. As well as hosting free seminars and partnering with some local individuals to raise awareness about Wood County, Texas resources, the WCHC is also recording memories that might otherwise be lost and posting them on its YouTube channel.

According to a press release published by the THC, county historical commissions across the state of Texas contributed an overwhelming 341,463 hours of volunteer work in 2023—each and every one of which was a labor of love to “preserve Texas’ heritage for the education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of present and future generations.”

These thousands of hours of volunteer work have been estimated at nearly 11 million dollars of value to the great Lone Star State.

For more information about the amazing places of historical interest in Wood County, about other historical commissions across Texas, or about the THC program in general, visit https://thc.texas.gov or contact the CHC Outreach Program at 512-463-9052.

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