Wood County Stories

A Reunion for the Old and Young

By Brynna Williamson

Rocking country music plays in the background as twilight sets in. The flickering lights of a carousel shine out, softly lighting the area, as crickets and cicadas nestled in the surrounding trees set off the atmosphere to a perfect summery sweetness. Parents stand in small groups, talking, laughing, fanning, sipping, as children run around clutching hard-won prizes and sweet treats.

Jarvis Christian University: From Struggle to Success

By Brynna Williamson

A sprawling, 1000-acre campus comes into view as the driver flits by a white picket fence, open, grassy lawns, and wide, blacktopped roads and paths. With several beautiful, tan brick buildings hugging the manicured grounds, the history as well as the beauty of the campus is obvious at a glance.

Bassmaster Elite Comes to Wood County Once Again

By Brynna Williamson

2021 saw many things in Wood County. Snowmageddon. A COVID resurgence. Heavy rain.

But with the bitter comes the sweet.

Mineola’s Nature Preserve: Relax, Rejuvenate, Retire

By Brynna Williamson

In any generic small town, one would expect to see a church, a gas station, and maybe a locally owned business. A city park, if they’re lucky. A playground, if they’re very lucky.

Patriot Sporting Challenge: Honoring a Legacy

By Brynna Williamson

Garry Schnabel is passionate about what he does. And what he does, people are passionate about.

Schnabel, a Vietnam War Veteran, moved to Wood County in 2016.