Wood County Stories

Preserving Wood County History One Home at a Time

By Brynna Williamson

Meet Vic Savelli. Vic is helping to preserve the things that make life in Wood County, Texas special, and he’s doing it one house at a time.

Many people across the county know Vic because of his past volunteering in the community. He was the President of the Mineola Chamber of Commerce for three years, and he also served as the Vice Chairman of the Wood County Economic Development Commission.

The Way to Community is Paved with Christmas Lights

By Brynna Williamson

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Cheeks are rosy red from the cold, steam is curling up from warm, rich mugs of hot cocoa, and Bing Crosby is playing in the store on the corner.

A Heritage of Traditions: Winnsboro Puts On 64th Annual Autumn Trails

By Brynna Williamson

Once upon a time, a group of East Texans decided to have some fun.

They wanted to enjoy what Howard Rosser, a Winnsboro native and pioneer of Autumn Trails’ driving tour, would later describe as extraordinary beauty.

Hawkins Oil Festival

By Brynna Williamson

Remember in those old movies when an organization would put on a festival and the entire community would show up to eat, drink, laugh and reminisce together?

Yeah, the Hawkins Oil Festival is like that.

It Takes a Village:” Mineola Puts on Community Iron Horse Heritage Festival

By Brynna Williamson

Being here, in this beautiful downtown with its laughing, smiling people, feels like home. It feels like being nostalgic for a time and a place many of us never lived in… it feels like the realization of the American dream.